Our mission

Empowering and investing in bold entrepreneurs to solve humanity’s greatest challenges

This is about profitability, but with impact

Ship2B Ventures focuses on impact investment with market return. It contributes to solve social and or environmental problems while generating market returns for its investors.



Fuente: Phenix Capital. Adapted from Bridges Fund Management (2014), PRI (2013), RIAA (2019),
UK NAB (2017), Impact Management Project (IMP) (2018)

“Every endowment today should be ESG and Impact:

Impact private equity, impact venture capital, impact real state…

it is the only way we can achieve Sustainable Development Goals,

there is a 30 trillion gap needed to fill to achieve them by 2030.”


Sir Ronald Cohen

Source: ‘UCLA Anderson [UCLAAnderson]. (8 febrero 2021). Impact Investing Expert Sir Ronald Cohen