The 2023 Impact Report is now available

In a world that seeks answers to increasingly pressing social and environmental problems, BSocial Impact Fund emerges as a transformative lever. With our commitment to achieving triple profitability: financial, social, and environmental, and a clear intention to promote impact entrepreneurship and investment, today we publish our 2023 Impact Report. In it, we offer our unique vision of impact and share the progress being made by the startups in which we invest through the BSocial Impact Fund.

Triple Profitability: A Differentiating Approach

Impact investors and entrepreneurs who trust us have a clear objective: to achieve solid financial profitability along with significant social and environmental impact. Unlike responsible or sustainable investment strategies, BSocial’s approach is based on addressing identified systemic problems and proposing solutions that bring about real change.

“We differentiate ourselves from responsible or sustainable investment in that in our case, impacts must follow a continuous logic, where there is a clearly identified problem, and a solution is proposed that represents a significant change for that problem,” highlights Daniel Sánchez, President of Ship2B Ventures, and its co-founders and managing partners Maite Fibla and Xavi Pont.

The 2023 Impact Report reveals that BSocial Impact Fund has maintained a strong investment pace, with 23 investments made in social entrepreneurs, totaling an investment of €14,828,297 until mid-2023. The goal is to conclude the investment period before the end of 2024 with a total of 35-40 investments and a disbursement of €26,400,000. The remaining funds will be used to continue investing in the growth of companies with a greater impact.

Female Leadership in Entrepreneurship

A particularly notable aspect in the report is the high percentage of female entrepreneurs in our portfolio. 60% of the startups supported by BSocial Impact Fund have women as founders or co-founders, demonstrating our commitment to promoting female leadership in the world of social entrepreneurship.

Commitment to the Environment

In addition to its focus on impact investment, through the BSocial Impact Fund, they are taking concrete steps towards environmental sustainability. They are in the process of becoming a Carbon-Neutral Manager and are working to achieve Net Zero Manager status. These efforts reinforce BSocial’s position as a leader in responsible impact venture capital investment. Evidence of this is their strategy to be a manager that does not generate greenhouse gas emissions. This year, after measuring the carbon footprint of 2022, they offset the 259 tons of CO2 emitted through the “Galicia Rexenera” project.

A Brake on Impact Washing

Ship2B Ventures celebrates the arrival of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the European Union’s Taxonomy as it represents an important and necessary step to prevent impact washing. They comply with each of the requirements that affect financial products exclusively intended for sustainable investments, known as Article 9. Additionally, the BSocial Impact Fund meets the impact objectives of the SFDR Regulation and takes into account Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) in its investment process.

Impact Stories

We continue to invest more than ever in impact entrepreneurs leading startups aimed at solving specific social and environmental problems, while generating financial returns.

The BSocial Impact Fund is Spain’s largest impact venture capital fund, endowed with €55 million and supported by the FEI, Banco Sabadell, AXIS, and other investors. BSocial has a portfolio of 23 startups that are transforming the world through unique solutions to combat climate change, improve people’s health and quality of life, and promote education and employability.

Each of the startups has a purpose that they use as a central axis to develop their business projects. The impact report includes profiles of the people leading these projects and touching testimonies of the individuals benefiting from these initiatives.

You can access the 2023 Impact Report here.