Ship2B Ventures CEO & Investor Day 2023: meeting of entrepreneurs and impact investors

Ship2B Ventures CEO & Investor Day

This year, Ship2B Ventures marked a milestone in its commitment to impact entrepreneurship and investment by hosting its annual event in a refreshed format: the CEO & Investor Day. Over two intense days, more than 60 entrepreneurs and prominent investors gathered to establish new connections and delve into the challenges of impact entrepreneurship.

The first day of the event was dedicated to honoring the impact entrepreneur community—those visionaries leading startups aimed at improving the quality of life, protecting the environment, and enhancing education and employability. Under the title “CEO Day,” this day offered a space to consolidate the entrepreneurial community, share experiences, and draw mutual inspiration to advance towards a more sustainable world.

The CEO Day stood out with three keynote sessions that explored challenges in sales conversion in entrepreneurship, strategies for talent management and building committed teams, and an exchange of ideas on how to address challenges in the journey from a startup’s initial purpose to achieving real impact.

A memorable moment during this day was a unique stroll in the heart of the La Fageda d’en Jordà forest, where leaders of impact startups had the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, fostering reflection, networking, and a connection with biodiversity.

During the forest bathing with impact entrepreneurs

On the second day, within the framework of the “Investor Day,” investors and entrepreneurs from the BSocial Impact Fund gathered to learn about the latest developments in impact investment fund management. The event featured the presence of Genís Roca, with whom discussions revolved around topics related to artificial intelligence and its role in social impact.

In addition, investors had the chance to get firsthand insights into the projects of the latest startups in which Ship2B Ventures has invested, as well as updates on startups that are generating positive change in key areas such as the environment, health, and education.

Daniel Sanchez, president of Ship2B Ventures, opening Investor Day ’23

This year, the CEO & Investor Day took place at the headquarters of the La Fageda Foundation, a landmark location in the heart of the volcanic region of La Garrotxa, Catalonia. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the inspiring La Fageda project, a social enterprise with over 40 years of experience that has excelled not only for its social work but also for the quality of its dairy products.

The event concluded with final reflections from co-founders and managing partners Maite Fibla and Xavier Pont, along with Daniel Sánchez, the managing director. Achievements of the event were highlighted, and future steps to further strengthen the impact ecosystem were discussed.

Ship2B Ventures’ Annual Meeting 2023 came to a close, leaving behind a day full of learning, inspiration, and collaboration. This event continues to strengthen the bonds between investors and entrepreneurs committed to driving positive impact in society and the planet. Ship2B Ventures remains a driving force in the world of impact entrepreneurship and responsible investment.