Despite all the technological advances in healthcare in recent years, there are still many barriers to enjoying healthcare for all.

Source: World Health Organisation

The challenges we face


Elderly people


We are living longer, but that does not
mean that the later years are better. Elderly
people face multiple challenges related
to health issues, cognitive decline,
social stigma, loneliness, and poverty.


The population over 65 will increase from the
current 16% to 23% in the next 10 years. There is an opportunity to develop solutions to improve health and promote active ageing, benefiting a growing segment of the population.

People with
chronic illnesses

Achieve a quality of life equivalent to the
general population. Chronic diseases
account for 77% of all diseases in Europe.

Due to the large number of people affected,
improving the quality of life of those living with a chronic illness represents a great opportunity for social impact and investment.

People with limiting and/
or degenerative abilities

Remove the physical, mental, and/or
social barriers that limit the quality of life
of people with disabilities or degenerative
diseases. Two out of every three people
will suffer from some type of degenerative
disease from the age of 70.

Both groups experience social isolation, generating a significant impact on the course of the disease and on the healthcare system. There is an opportunity to improve their quality of life by implementing solutions that consider the immediate environment of the users.

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